About Us

Art n Vintage brings you a range of aesthetic leather bags. In today’s age the art of crafting an object by hand is nearly extinct. Art n Vintage brings back the art of traditional handcrafting to create timeless leather bags with a classic weathered look, vintage appeal and contemporary design. Art is eternal, but innovations move it forward, this is the philosophy & motto, which combines ancient craft techniques with a modern vision, demonstrating the delicate quality of processing and the ability to combine materials in the spirit of old  traditions.



Art n Vintage is an ardent supporter of sustainable fashion. We love leather. Pure leather ages and changes taking on different characters over the years. Our aim is to amplify these organic qualities of the material. Our leather is sourced from the tanneries where leather is a byproduct of the meat industry. No animals, endangered or otherwise are ever reared primarily for their hides.

Not only the exterior of our bags is pure leather, the interiors too are completely lined with pure cotton. Our bags are accentuated by premium casted antiqued brass hardware.


Leather involves a specialized craft, and India has an old tradition of leather craft. Our bags are crafted with love by talented and skilled artisans of India. We take pride in working to keep the talent of local artisans alive and thriving.

All our products are initially made in soft raw white leather, then dip dyed and tumbled to achieve a weathered effect bringing out the natural character of leather. Art n Vintage pieces will age beautifully, and wear well with you.



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